[Notes] tickets Ticket Collection Process -

Suitable:Remitted deposit. Confirm ship class time and reservation center.

Cruise Network:


Process a: must be 30 minutes earlier to Tomioka fishing port waiting room.
Process II: Upon arrival cabins, to counter any tickets.

(Counter inform your guests on the 9th of Green Island, booking name, number of people to take to return tickets)

How to Green Island?

Green Island opposite Taitung, can take a boat or aircraft.

[Ferry (boat)]

(1) Guest drive Go to the "Taitung Tomioka fishing" Tomioka fishing port offers free parking.

 (2) Passengers aboard the train to "Taitung Station" and get off, then take a taxi or passenger ships fishing off Tomioka,

"Hualien passenger 'direct access to the waiting room," Ding-dong passenger "in Tomioka fishing outside off, then walk 10 minutes up to the waiting room.

Line: "Taitung → Green" "Green → Taitung"

[Aviation (by plane)]

"Taitung → Green" "Green → Taitung", "Taitung → Orchid" "Orchid → Taitung" route, round-trip, now run by the Dean airline.

  Domestic routes queries:http://www.caa.gov.tw/big5/timesheet/index.asp?