1 Taitung, Green Island return tickets <including Ping An Insurance 2000000>
2 roundabout 125cc motorcycle use 24 hours <Both an oil-funded, need to prepare license>
3 Explore dive
4 night fishing fishing
5 glass-bottom boat
6 Full Green Island snorkelling (with a qualified instructor license + outfit + Ping 2000000)
7 free guided night, Yetan deer, human ecology Commentary
8 free guided intertidal
9 Asahi spa coupon
10 eat grilled BBQ
11 senior Mongolian barbecue eat

(Station taxi to Tomioka time for about 30 minutes, Tomioka boat to Green Island about 50 minutes one way, please reserve your time so as not to delay the trip.)


Our Rooms


  • Cafe

    2F cafe - open to provide catering services, on the 9th floor Green Hall 3, let you chat order some dessert drink two cups of coffee in the afternoon to spend time.