1. [Shi Shi Lang Lang -18M] dive trails, this point of the left and right shore dive into the water after a small drop in both depth of about 18M ~ 21M slopes are scattered high and low reef, soft coral ecosystems are very rich, but also feed the fish a great variety of tropical fish is not afraid of people. White sand trail bridge diving, shore diving dive sites (and sea) on the left coast dive into the water depth of about 14M will see a number of grooves formed sea caves of different sizes, the locals called the Lobster Cave, cave lobster, although not deep cave, explore caves pay attention to safety.

2. [-18M] N22.65696 E121.47216 mushroom garden trowel, lame Fish FROG FISH.

3. [Nanliao fishing -20M] Nanliao Bay is located in Green Bank, intertidal bandwidth of about 20 to 30 meters broad reef table, soft coral reefs grow lush, green island undersea landscape is its essence. Boat dives south-western coast of the sea, or water from the harbor side of the island highway Nanliao about offshore 70M dive at a depth of about 18M have a big rock in the middle of deep cracks extending 5M, rock covered with coral, Bayshore, sea fan and so on; soft coral cover occupy 5-7 percent of marine gardens, vast coastal coral reef station successive gentle slopes. Coral mounds, trenches, columns and other reef, wonderful topography, suitable for primary diving and night diving.

4. [chickens] is located Nanliao -24M reef off the coast, boat dives.

5. [-24M] by a horseshoe Horseshoe Bridge bridge into the water or beside Uncovered Rock fishing area (vertical drop is big, heavy equipment through careful) downstream latent Tai white sand. Nearshore reef scattered, shallow waters filled with sea reef column, caves, arches (commonly known as the Cathedral), etc. Tropical fish across it, is very exciting. More deep water terrain changes, there is sea ditch, hole reef, coral mound, etc., many soft corals covering the rock surface. Horseshoe Bridge boat dives off a diving sites Yidong, a depth of about 24M.

7. [large] large white sand white sand -26M dive trails, into the water in front of goal is an independent rock at 50M. Depending on the current conditions to select the left and right back to the left or right-back, usually go away countercurrent, return down the river, with the flow of soft coral swaying underwater garden landscape, visible at low tide reef top has courageously Bo waves surf zone fish food . There are three distant reef, mostly for boat dives dive sites, such as to shore diving, unless very provincial gas, physical good job.

8. [Sailing nose -26M] N22.63546 E121.51044 iron wreck off the coast of Asahi spa depths of about 32M cargo ships, scattered down, not to the depths when the rapids.

9. [-26M] Asahi Green Island in the southeast corner spa, with many intertidal sea trench perpendicular to the sea, the sea bed slowly settling out, into a terrain slope, covered with hard coral reefs, but also a little soft coral.

10. [floor] boiling water every year from March to April to see hammerhead shark dive boat dive sites, streaming strong danger.

11. [harbor] Dongsheng night dive.

12. [Sleeping Beauty] N22.65751 E121.50956 off -28M

13. [floor] Green sea ginseng east coast, seabed covered with coral reefs and large pebbles.

14. [Nan Tsai lake off -28M] N22.67666 E121.51248 motorcycle placed next to the beach, shore diving great King.

15. [Loumen rock off the coast of Mantoushan -18M] N22.68301 E121.48947 a prominent northeast of Green gate-shaped reef at sea, under the sea cliffs terrain, most fan fouling organisms to the Red Sea. Loumen north rock sea Yidong, do latent finished surface interval of three reef snorkeling leisure, but smaller hole, with DV inconvenient, with a small flashlight and DC can support.

16. [three] Grand Canyon Reef -53-100M right side three large reef not far from independent, deep and strong flow of water.


17. [Sky -50-70M]

18. [Grand Canyon] N22.69103 E121.49435 -40-50M mansion is located off the coast of approximately 300M at a big rock, named after its drop of about 35M, biological quite rich.

19. [UN SFK, General Rock] N22.67546 E121.49224 dives northeastern coast of the sea, the training ground. Mansion tour out of Port to go north, clown anemone area, go north from the general rock sand have sand diver photography area.

20. [mansion] Green Island north shore, more undersea reef, terrain changes, in order to cover-shaped table coral based, for snorkeling, scuba diving junior. Between inshore seabed topography and the large reef with hard corals as a platform mainly for shore dives and night dives.

21. [Chai mouth -22M]

[22] Green Island off the coast of northwest Jhongliao, mostly shallow water reef protruding blocks to coral-based, the more out of the depths of the sea, the more coral species but also many snakes. Night dive Jhongliao fishing port.

23. [lighthouse off the coast of releasing -28M] N22.68304 E121.45951 N22.66346 E121.46494 here discharge flow velocity 4.5K / hr, dive time 30min


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